Tuesday, 23 February 2016

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An Airline is the company that provide Air transportation service from one airport to another for Passengers. Some countries Airlines partnership with each other’s. They buy own aircraft to provide high class air transportation service for his customers. It is very profitable business and need big investment to start their work. They also need clearance letter or take some permission from civil aviation staff and government.

Most of famous airline companies has hundreds of aircraft. It is also use to carry mail and cargo from one country to another or from one city to other city. The service of Airlines Company is divided into different categories like International, Domestic, Regional, Intercontinental, and some can be operated as scheduled services or charters. Every country has own National Airline which works under the rules and regulation of his country government. 
Some airline companies are private so they face litter problem than other companies.

The concept of Air flight is feeling in the 20th century when wright brother makes aircraft. So most of the people feel fastest travelling mean so air jet is fastest then other traveling vehicles. The world first flight is on-air November 16, 1909, the name his Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft. This aircraft is created by Zeppelin Corporation, his headquarters is situated in Frankfurt. According to the revenue generated American
Airline group is the world largest airline, it is owned by the United States, 42.7 billion revenue generate. 113,300 employees connected with his big firm.The second one is Delta Air Lines has total revenue is 40.3 billion, the total number of employees is 79,655. It also consists of the United States. Third is Lufthansa which is owned by Germany. It has 33.8 billion revenue collect. It has the largest quantity of employees in the whole world is 118,781.

Now a days Emirates provide vet luxury and affordable air travelling service for the whole world. They improve day by day with is great to afford. They carry the largest quantity of passenger in the world.


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